Lamb ★★

Lamb, unfortunately, is one of the year’s biggest disappointments for me. It’s been one of my most anticipated films of the year, since I’ve generally been a fan of A24’s horror films in the past. As of recent, I’ve had a mixed relationship with them as a distributor, since they do choose some good films to put out, but they don’t put enough resources out towards all of their films, only the ones that they feel will be profitable (which they have every right to do, it just is a shame when there are films like The Souvenir Part 2 that get brushed under the rug). This film had some pretty good promotion for it, so it seemed like they had a lot of faith in this weird, quirky film.

I’m not sure what faith they had in it, since there’s not much going on here. It’s bare on plot, characterization, the only reliable thing going on here is the scenery. I’m all down for a film with a bare-bones plot, but there has to be at least something behind it - there has to be some sort of payoff, some sort of reasoning behind it all, and none of that could be found here. There’s not much for the characters, since the film starts and doesn’t really give any sort of background information about anyone, we’re just thrust into their lives and don’t know anything else. I can take a slow film, but this film felt brutally slow. The pacing needed some much needed uptempo, and I thought it was a tad strange to break it up into chapters, when there really is no need for that to happen. The cinematogrpahy for the film is fine, with the stunning backdrops serving as something consistent within the film, letting the cold and isolated exterior do some work to create atmosphere for the film.

I was really, really looking forward to this film, and it’s a shame that I’ve been let down as much as I have. A24 used to be one of my favorite distributors, since they were pumping out some great films. They have put out some good ones as of recent, but I’ve certainly lost my love for them. NEON has honestly been much more on my radar, since theyr’e willing to take risks and actually will put out a film theatrically to a general audience, rather than keep a film at an extremely limited release and then offer no sort of way for most audiences to see it. Lamb may be a film that grows some on me, but I know that it’s one that I won’t be visiting for a very, very long time.

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