Eternals ★★★½

I've got alot to say about this movie so this may be a long one.

I was expecting to give this movie half a star and be done, but I walked away disappointed. Eternals is actually fairly good. The first and especially the third acts are very strong, but it kinda sags and gets boring in the middle. If you were wanting a MCU movie different than all the others this is probably it, but it still sticks to the standard formula far more than I was expecting or wanted.

Without a doubt the strongest part of this movie are the characters. Sersi and Phastos are the standouts, any scenes they're in are really good. Kingo and Druig were both also really good. Sprite was a bit of a prick but I think that was purposeful? Absolutely the weakest character was Ikaris though, he's so boring and robotic throughout the entire movie. Any scenes showing his relationship with Sersi are super forced and awkward, they have negative chemistry. He's basically Superman from the Snyder movies but somehow even less interesting which I didn't even know was possible. Thena was also kinda boring but she's in less of the movie so I don't really care.

The action is very very good, kinda reminded me of Shang Chi in someways with the camera movements. Makkari isn't a very deep character but the way they use her superspeed in the action scenes is super cool. Might be the best application of superspeed I've seen in a superhero movie honestly. All of the Eternals powers are pretty unique and fleshed out better than I expected. Everytime Sersi changes anything into dust or rose petals or anything it's super pretty.

The story is good, but not as deep as I would've liked for a movie so focused on the characters. More predicable than I would've liked either. Score is good, both of the post credits scenes are good, pretty much everything that's here is good. However I feel like if they pushed the concept even further and tried even harder to be different than any other Marvel movie it would've been something truly special. Instead it's just pretty good, what a travesty!

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