Under the Silver Lake ★★★★½

Who believes in conspiracy theories? The white boy understands that the world revolves around him. He’s met his neighbor for twenty minutes but he’s in love. She’s the love of his life. Then she disappears. Why? There must be a reason. He must discover this reason. The clues start to pile up. This is bigger than he thought. It’s a conspiracy. It must be. The world is conspiring against him. He was promised one thing. Now he has nothing. Everything is connected. Everything has an answer. Or maybe not? Why do we believe in conspiracy theories? Is there comfort in thinking our disgrace is beyond our control? That we didn’t fuck up, we do not suck, it’s just that the deck was stacked against us.

That A24 is all but dumping this to fend for its own life is a pity. This movie is ambitious, hilarious, its own damn thing. Undoubtedly David Robert Mitchell’s best film yet. Possibly a masterpiece?