Dolemite Is My Name ★★★★

the rare film to fully get why blaxploitation is so special, the unkempt and unfiltered energy from people who want to see themselves in shining lights, no matter what cost. it understands exploitation as representation, as empowerment for the people who need empowering, always treating the films as the small miracles they are. it doesn’t go the black dynamite route and poke fun at the production of the film but normalizes it, rather, and the conditions they were made under. it’s infused with the spirit of the film that inspired it, and doubles down as much on eddie murphys genius as it does on rudy ray moore’s. i didn’t think we’d get a film this heartwarming, this funny, this special from the dude who made the Footloose remake. a lovely surprise. catch it when it hits Netflix later this month.

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