Her ★★★★★

dear you,

you’re probably not reading this. you’re probably not going to know about my existence for a decade or longer. but i know you’re there, maybe wondering when we’ll find each other. maybe longing to find me. don’t worry, i’m doing the same. 

i sometimes worry about whether you are real. and if you are, if i find you. how many people it will take, trial and error, for me to eventually find you. sometimes i don’t believe that you exist. but deep down i always have. and deep down i always will. 

maybe we’ll cross paths on the sidewalk of a lonely city night, maybe we’ve already crossed paths, but we don’t know it yet. maybe we never will. but i believe we can. i know we can. so to you, i wait.

i can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.


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