Parasite ★★★★★

went in with sky high expectations and this still blew them to high heaven. from the very first frame to the very last, this walks away with not only being Joon-ho’s best work to date, but easily in the running for top 3 of the decade. a non stop ride of brilliant commentary driven by Joon-ho’s idiosyncrasies, Parasite is a funny, thrilling, intense, engaging, beautiful, awe inspiring, breathtaking work of art that’s quality only comes from the stuff of the very best masters. i have no doubt in my mind saying this is a genuinely perfect film, and represents everything a film should aspire to be. beautifully shot, wonderful music, a masterful performance from Song Kang-ho, and a plot that leaves you guessing at every turn, every part of this film is the best part of the film. there is no downtime, there’s no weak part to the film. everything is grade a shit. it’s been some time since the credits rolled and my heart is still racing at a thousand miles per minute, and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna stop anytime soon. holy shit. rarely has a film so deftly balanced every genre in the book while managing to keep its own commentary consistent. this will go down as one of the all time greats, and already stands as maybe the best film about late stage capitalism *ever*

i once said that if anything tops Once Upon A Time In Hollywood this year, it would have to be a film from the stuff of gods. and boy howdy, if this doesn’t fit that bill. easily the best film of the year, and i have a hard time believing anything else will top it. go in as blind as humanly possible and let him whisk you away. i cannot wait to rewatch this a thousand more times. i know i’ve given quite a bit of 5/5s recently, and this may just seem like another face in that crowd, but by god is it anything but.

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