Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark ★★

ugh. there are some good bits here, notably the actual scary story parts have some half decent horror, but everything else inbetween is just a terribly written heavy handed vietnam message designed to teach kids that war isn’t good? i wish the whole “goosebumps but gnarly” thing actually turned out gnarly so this could have something going for it, cause it’s a little bit more than goosebumps but a little less than IT which leaves it at this weird place where it’s not enough to give anyone over 12 decent thrills. the two leads are kind of cute, but please god stop putting children in films unless you know they have decent acting chops. this would pass at a high school play maybe, but it’s so utterly cringe worthy to watch these kids try to convince the audience they’re more than just children reading lines, pretending to be scared of poorly animated CGI creatures. Øvredal is still a pretty good director, but man choose better material next time. what a shame.

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