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Us might lack the finesse of some of the more avant-garde installments in the horror genre recently, but Jordan Peele directed it with a hell of a lot of intention. Forgive the shallow dialogue of the first act and the evident plot-holes in the third act, because Peele isn’t interested in that. Peele wants to talk about (forgive the pun) us. Peele wants to talk about Americans. I still haven’t quite figured out what he’s trying to say, but there is more to Us than depthless, psychopathic doppelgangers. 

With films as unabashedly confrontational as Us and Get Out, theres something to be said about Peele’s ability to reach and satisfy a wide audience. He is conducting conversation, a thing that those avant-garde directors (I love those guys) are always desperately trying to do, but cant quite seem to attain the audience to make a difference. 

Say what you want about Us, but Jordan Peele can make a difference.