Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★½

Why I watched this movie? The newest release at my favorite RedBox.

What is this one about? Ben Affleck's wife, Oscar nominated Rosamund Pike goes missing. Did Ben do her in?..or is there another reason she is missing?

My thoughts on this one? For 120 minutes I was really enjoying this movie. At the 2 hour mark the movie takes another twist turn. The last 30 minutes after that twist pretty much ruined the movie for me. So I how do I present my complaint without revealing the secrets of the movie? Let's just say....I did not buy the last 30 minutes at all. Affleck is pretty good as the husband...probably one of the best performances in his career. Pike however steals the show....glad to see she got an Oscar nomination for this role. Final thought: Despite the wheels falling off at the end this is still a better than average movie.

This is ranked 4th of 37 Affleck movies on my Ben Affleck Cogerson Movie Score page. cogersonmoviescore.com/ben-affleck-movies-best-to-worst.html

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