Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★

I have been a huge Coen brothers fan ever since my video store days and Blood Simple arrived in stores. I would recommend Blood Simple to everybody that came into the store....about half would come back and say the movie was great while the other half would say it sucked and I was an idiot to recommend it. Well that 50/50 ratio seems to be how a feel about every Coen movie I see. Since I loved True hopes for Inside Llewyn Davis were not too high. Sure enough I did not really like this one....after reading many many glowing reviews of this movie, I know I am in the minority. The music was good...the performances were fine (regular Coen player John Goodman stands tall as usual)...but I found the movie slow paced and eventually never really went anywhere. Perhaps since my lack of knowledge of the history of music in the early 1960s is is very possible I missed many of the jokes. A well made movie...but not a movie I will ever watch again.

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