Once ★★★★

Once is a low budget movie that tells a love story through music between a bunker/vacuum cleaner repairman and an Czech immigrant. The two find each other on the streets of Dublin. The two leads are played by real musicians Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová. Both do an outstanding job as I really liked these two characters. The story is pretty simple....but it seems very real. The music is excellent....it includes a song call Falling Slowly...which actually won an Oscar for Best Song.

What I really enjoyed about the movie is the fact that it does not follow the path of a normal love story. At first you think...."Ok these two will fall in love.....be happy.....reach an obstacle......break up.....and get back together for a happy ending." This one instead keeps giving us more information and by the end of the movie you understand the decisions they have made during the course of the movie. Final thought: I really enjoyed this movie....and so did my wife.

The best part and coolest trivia about this movie from IMBD. There is a moment when the guy asks the girl whether she loves her husband. She responds, "No. I love you." However, her response is in unsubtitled Czech, so the man does not understand her - nor do audience members who don't know the language.

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