Welcome to the Jungle ★★½

So you want to make a low budget comedy...and you need a actor that can easily pull off a comedic role. I am sure on top of your list, Jean-Claude Van Damme(JCV) would be the name that would pop out fast. In this one, JCV is hired to run a jungle retreat for an advertising company. What is supposed to be a learning, bonding two week stay....quickly turns into a nightmare.

Having watch Larry The Cable: Health Inspector earlier today....I was expecting another truly horrible movie. I can report that Welcome to the Jungle is a much better movie....still not a good movie....but this one does have some interesting twists. The second half of the movie turns into a Lord of the Flies tale....only this time it is not young boys....but a company of advertising men and women.

Adam Brody has the biggest part in the movie....while Rob Huebel chews the scenery as an ad man that tries and becomes a god on the island. Final thought. This is a below average movie.....but it was better than I thought it would be.

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