Scream VI

Scream VI β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

They did it 😫😒🫑 
Ghostface, Wednesday, the twins, and dermot mulroney took on New York City and it didnt fuck suck. In fact, it was awesomeΒ 

Most unrealistic part of the film were the lack of sexy costumes around the city on Halloween. New Yorkers and people who live in New York are sexy and this can’t be understated.Β 

I saw the β€œfan event” screening at amc and they showed the Demi Lovato music video beforehand so they got going with the scares early on.Β 

Shoutout to the guy next to me who killed a pint of rum in his soda and yelled and punched the air throughout the whole film. Movies are back baby.Β 

Jenna Ortega is great. Mason Gooding great. Some of the new characters were good. Melissa Barrera though… not it. I just don’t like her character or the way she plays it. Still rooting for her tho

Best sequel since Scream 2

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