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  • Charlie's Angels

    Charlie's Angels


    it’s very fun and it remains true to the nonsensical Angels nature but because it fancies itself more serious than previous iterations, it doesn’t work when the plot holes arise (sorry Patrick Stewart is like 90 years old anyone could easily kick his ass). the dumb photoshopped pics sequence is really irritating couldn’t they have just paid one of the 00’s angels to make a cameo? come on. 

    fight sequences great! great chemistry between the angels! those alone are enough to make this worthy of existing

  • The Staggering Girl

    The Staggering Girl


    must a film make narrative sense? is it not enough to drape Mia Goth, Julianne Moore, and Kiki Layne in Valentino haute couture against gorgeous set dressings?

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  • Burlesque



    SO FUCKING BAD this is my NINTH time seeing this and it just gets worse every time I love it SO MUCH

  • Suspiria



    My daughter...she is the sin I smeared on this earth.

    Holy. Shit. This could be my favorite film of the year so far. A gorgeous, thrilling, visceral new nightmare. A tale of motherhood and the pride, guilt, shame, and love it produces. I'm not sure how to accurately touch on every aspect but I'll try.

    Very much follows the framework of the original while carefully expanding on the mythology and the motives of the antagonists. Unlike the original film, though,…