Suspiria ★★★★★

My daughter...she is the sin I smeared on this earth.

Holy. Shit. This could be my favorite film of the year so far. A gorgeous, thrilling, visceral new nightmare. A tale of motherhood and the pride, guilt, shame, and love it produces. I'm not sure how to accurately touch on every aspect but I'll try.

Very much follows the framework of the original while carefully expanding on the mythology and the motives of the antagonists. Unlike the original film, though, there's so much more than just lush coloring and a piercing score to distract from the fact that it really doesn't have much of a plot. This is truly Luca's vision and there is not a second of wasted space.

Initially when the trailer dropped I was worried about this not having the color that made the original so gorgeous, but this version is just as stunning. It's shot on film and the grey skies and snow-covered streets of Berlin set the scene for an eerie, dark, and evil atmosphere. The costumes left my little gay heart fluttering...gorgeous flowing pants, long skirts, chunky boots. All 70s and all SO chic. You cannot take your eyes off Mia Goth!

And now to the gritty. The horror is so effective it left me shaking. That scene you've read about where Susie dancing is split with Olga being maimed is so fucking intense. This film does not fuck around. It makes the barbed wire scene in the original seem amateur. 

Dakota is mesmerizing and Tilda Swindon breathes life into the film as Madame Blanc does with her dances. They're both so good and their chemistry is completely tangible. Angela Winkler commands the screen. There's also a love story at the heart of this film (the whole thing can be read as one, actually) that moved me very deeply. The six-act and epilogue structure goes off without a hitch.

The final sequence in the sixth act will fuck. you. up. See this movie in theaters! And there's a small post credits scene so stay!

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