Suspiria ★★★★★

Love, even just the memory of it, is as powerful as any magic. As the earth hurtles through time, churning with corruption, the purity of real love remains steadfast. Those who abuse the powers and the time afforded to them will meet retribution bathed in pulsing red light, their evils obliterated by something beautiful that was once believed to be deplete of its resplendence, incapable of being beautiful ever again. Those who love truly and hold the memory of their love close, long after the sins of the world have stolen it away, will be rewarded by ancient forces beyond our mortal comprehension — maternal influences that care for the world and seek to keep its balance across time, as only mothers can do. 

A masterwork years in the making that only Guadagnino, a director who seemingly was crafting this story all his life, could produce — along with trusted collaboration from an entire technical team working at their highest capacity. This is possibly the best film ever made.

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