Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★½

Goofy Jason makes me giggle in the 3rd entry of the FRIDAY THE 13TH series, while he is at his most human, he also has times where he feels right out of a Scooby Doo cartoon with his grunts and body language and I love him for it. RIP Richard Brooker, Brooker's incarnation of Jason brings a smile to my face and his appearance is truly menacing as the first version of Jason I remember seeing on the TV and in the video shop. Clever kills, rich suspense and a fun by the numbers game of hacking and slashing guarantees a fun cosy night in front of the TV with the wind rattling outside.
The victims are a good bunch too, especially Andy with his handstands. Harry Manfredini's jazzy score has a real cheekiness about it that goes well for it's more comedic approach. The 3D gimmick is fun to see in 2D as you can just picture how the audience would react in certain situations and set pieces designed for theater rapture.

Watching this tonight made me very excited for two things.
- October
- The NEW Friday the 13th Blu Ray Boxset. I need to get ordering that now.

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