Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop ★★★

Scavenger Hunt 40/Film 22/A film that includes unrequited love

This whole movie feels like an unrequited love story! Poor Bruce Campbell’s wife going through the mill thinking he could be a murderer in his spare time to find out he is cheating, Sally Noland who is clearly in love with her undead bff and Tom Atkin’s lieutenant Frank McCrae who clearly loves his uniform more than the uniform loves him. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE it may not be but fun schlocky undead slasher fun it is.

The film starts quickly, it gives us a helping of 3 deaths in quick succession, each should satisfy the hardened horror fan and contains plenty of variation. Our titular character looks awesome, but his looks are not everything, the way he moves is excellent, its half cheese and half terminator but it’s all popcorn worthy excellence. Tom Atkins phones in his performance but still brings his moustache of magic to our delight and adds another cult classic to his wonderful resume. Bruce Campbell, in a completely different role to Ash, is certainly an interesting character and looks like a bunny in headlights throughout but the real hero in this, has to be Laurene Landon’s Theresa Mallory, who is fun and feisty and underrated.

The effects are well put together and admirable, our Maniac Cop looks extremely aggressive, I mentioned Terminator earlier, the crossover that never happened but totally should. I can see why MANIAC COP became a series of films, the character is well done and looking at his attributes has to be genuinely scary. The political message is strong in this, the safety we crave from the police is not always there and corruption is lurking at each street corner. A film that you can quite easily put on, give half attention to, yet still enjoy and smile a few times.

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