Midsommar ★★★★★

Whoa, I don't know where to begin with this modern masterpiece. I know I feel elated and mindblown. I also feel visually stimulated and dreamy. I feel like I have just witnessed an epic event, not just a movie.

First of all, in a time when it is cool to try and make films that would suit the VHS market, this is not at all an example of that, in fact, it is quite the opposite. This film is so incredibly vivid and utilises big bold screens with as much colour and character as possible. It fits simple yet striking colours into each and every shot, the white and blue massages the eyes and ensures you don't want to blink as you take it all in. On top of that, we get an epic score that builds and builds and provides more dread and worry than anything in the movie. It stirs the atmosphere and wants to deliver it piping hot.

Florence Pugh delivers her second 5 star film of 2019 as she portrays Dani. Dani has had it rough, really rough and is not helped by her self centered and selfish boyfriend Christian (Jack Reynor) but ends up going with him and his pals on a holiday to Sweden. This is not sinking beers in Gothenberg though, this is attending an every 90 years traditional festival that promises to provide the friends with an insight into tradition and culture. Let's just say this tradition gets pretty interesting and extremely tense.

The story flows easily with humour subtly abound for the most part. The humour is mostly provided by Will Poulter who despite playing a character who could easily be unlikable, actually provides many a smile and often steals the show. The relationships craft expertly throughout the runtime and agendas become clear. It is easy to say it is THE WICKER MAN for the 21st Century and while it is highly inspired by it, it lets its inspiration help tell its story as it grows into its own tale of tradition and small community without taking it over.

I loved every minute of this and will revisit many times ahead. If you can, see as big as possible and be prepared to let your eyes take in one of the most beautiful films of the decade.

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