Once ★★★★★

Watched as part of Scavenger Hunt 20 November 2016

Task 19 - A pre-2010 film shot on digital

As a fan of The Frames in the early noughties I am surprised it took me close to ten years to watch this film for the first time. It's not that I did not want to watch it, I just kept thinking 'oh I will watch it one day'. Now that I have seen it, I am even more surprised at how gutted I am to have missed out on this superb piece of work for so long. 

I am writing this as I wipe away a happy hopeful tear as the credits come to a close. As far as musicals go, this has the most unique and realistic feel I have come across. 

The film is set in Dublin and focuses on busker Guy played brilliantly by Glen Hansard of 'The Frames' and his meeting with Czech immigrant simply known as 'Girl' who is played adorably by the incredible Marketa Irglova. The plot focuses on their passion for music, their troubled love lives and their hopes and dreams for the future. 

Director John Carney creates all of this in one beautiful vision. The cinematography is stunning with some incredible views of Dublin and the songs used are equal in beauty and passion. Detailed suffering with whispers of desire and hope. The humour is present at all the right times from walking a vacuum cleaner like a dog to Metallica esque riffing on a bus to asking a Thin Lizzy tribute band if they would like to record some songs 'we only do Lizzy'. Even the subtle characters you see in the background of busking scenes help raise a smile. 

If you want to watch a film with stirring songs, witty believable humour, loveable real characters and you are not afraid to feel then check this out. It blew me away. 

Now where did I store those Frames cds..........

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