Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla ★★★½

I was quite shocked when I opened up my Blu Ray case to find 2 discs. An English version and a Japanese version. I went with the Japanese version but I wondered if these are two different cuts or is it literally a disc for each audio setting? Which seems a bit mad in the Blu Ray era when I thought both would fit on one disc.

Anyhow.....SHIN GODZILLA. What a ride this was, I did not expect it to be so dialogue heavy and political but it really worked and kept tension flowing throughout allowing the use of the obvious star (Godzilla) to be utilised when needed and ensure chaos and destruction is ready for the highlight reel. A CG Godzilla really worked and did not look silly against the backdrop of full to the brim Japanese cities, when the carnage hits and buildings fall, it looks very impressive.

This was my first proper visit to a Godzilla film. The closest I came before was the late nineties when the music videos for Jamiroquai's Deeper Underground & Sean Combs and Jimmy Page's Come with Me were all over music TV for the American remake. I appreciate I need to check the vast back catalogue out but SHIN GODZILLA felt fine as an entry point.

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