Sunset Boulevard ★★★

I'm coming to the conclusion that I 'get' Billy Wilder at the second attempt. The first time I watched THE APARTMENT, I thought it was okay, I appreciated the acting but it did nothing for me but then on a second watch, I was fascinated, consuming each and every character and plot line, wanting to live in this wonderful Wilder world for every second possible. I'm hoping that is the case here with SUNSET BOULEVARD, I watched today impressed with how everything was constructed and played out but not really getting much from most of the experience. Sure I liked the dark moody setting of the house and the grim portrayal of the brilliant Norma Desmond played expertly by former silent film star Gloria Swanson but I felt almost exactly how I did on that first watch of THE APARTMENT. This has made me immediately excited for a rewatch of SUNSET BOULEVARD in a year or so's time, hoping to be wowed again by Wilder as I connect.

The ending is fantastic though, and I probably should give a whole star for that. What expert film making that is.

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