Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★★½

Nicolas Cage screaming in a snakeskin jacket is exactly what I needed to wake up to this Saturday morning. Cage in a Lynch world is pretty much cocktails on the beach, the surrealism fits his acting style so well and produced many a laugh from me.
Despite its distorted approach, it feels entirely familiar to other Lynch offerings in that nothing is as it seems and songs, extraordinary characters and impressive editing will hit you at almost every moment.

A WIZARD OF OZ roadtrip that is opened by Cage beating a man to death to a soundtrack of Powermad is one of the freshest openings I have watched for a while. An erotic love story down the yellow brick road is what follows and plenty of time for Cage and co-star Laura Dern build up some fab chemistry. The first half was excellent but from my first time watch, it seems to suffer from some fatigue in the second, outside of Willem Dafoe stealing the entire film with his creepy scene with Dern.

One of the easier Lynch watches and one I can easily see myself revisiting. Now its time to buy a (fake) snakeskin jacket and kick the air to Powermad.

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