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  • Columbus


    My girlfriend almost broke up with me today. We haven't seen each other in two months due to quarantine. She called me and said she wanted to continue our relationship 5 or so hours later. The whole ordeal resulted in me having a panic attack.

    And yet somehow, at two in the morning after a night of crying alone in my bedroom with my dog giving me comfort nuzzles, I end up here.

    Columbus is my happy place. I can…

  • Dolittle


    This movie...

    was so bad...

    that the theater was empty...

    on opening night.


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  • Mark, Mary + Some Other People

    Mark, Mary + Some Other People

    I knew that when a film used a Cults song as their outro for the soundtrack, I'd break.

    I just got out of a two year relationship. Maybe it's because of said experience, but I really enjoyed this a lot. When it comes to the genre of quirky millennial and/or Gen-Z films, I haven't really found one that seemed even remotely realistic and didn't over do the quirkiness in an obnoxious way. This is the first! Both of our main…

  • No Running

    No Running

    I am incredibly conflicted on this one.

    The premise is brilliant, as a more sci-fi version of Get Out is something that just sounds smooth coming out. There are a lot of good facets at play, whether it be the incredibly crisp cinematography or the ability to get the viewer wrapped up in the storyline, without much even really happening. From a debut director, there is a very clear vision here and I think it is, for the most part…

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  • Music


    As someone whose whole entire job has been working with autistic people for the past two years, Sia is a complete twit.

    What an absolute idiot. Even people who know nothing about the autistic community know that Autism Speaks is a group full of weirdos who are essentially for conversion therapy and against embracing the beauty. And casting a neutotypical person in the main role, especially when films like Peanut Butter Falcon are making a push towards the normalization of…

  • A Quiet Place Part II

    A Quiet Place Part II

    The response to this film makes sense to me.

    Most people liked the first one and they think this one is better.

    I thought the first one was mediocre and I think this one is worse.

    The first thing that has to be addressed is that the pacing here is awful. The film is literally missing a third act. Ambiguity is cool, but your film kinda just does need to have an ending, and there's just not an ending here.…