Went to the drive in to watch this instead of following the election, and it made for an okay distraction!

The first time I saw this movie, I gave it some semblance of credit. So much of the plot is intentionally hard to follow that I assumed the movie would play better upon repeat viewings.


it doesn't.

The actual "plot" of this thing is fairly straightforward once you listen through the roaring score and pick up on the lines that are so mumbly it almost feels like Nolan's TRYING to make you work to hear what they're actually saying. Most every scene is set up in the immediate prior scene and then immediately paid off; there's no real sense of delayed gratification or "oh, wow" moments of call back because most callbacks are referencing things from just ten minutes ago in the runtime.

This whole movie feels like Nolan spent ten years working on the rules of inversaion and ten seconds figuring out the emotional stakes of this thing.

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