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  • Communion



    Opening credits over moonlit New York skyline. Check.

    Opening credits over moonlit New York skyline, spotlighting the World Trade Center. Check.

    Opening credits over moonlit New York skyline, spotlighting the World Trade Center with haunting Eric Clapton theme drenching the scene with big time mood. Check.

    Cabin in the dark forest with the veil of serenity but the dread of something coming. Check.

    Ominous alien teasing. Check.

    Ominous alien hallucinations. Okay.

    Walken describing alien features to his shrink. Check.


  • Inherent Vice

    Inherent Vice


    Paul Thomas Anderson's 50th birthday is tomorrow. Hard to believe he is that old, but also hard to believe he is that young. This may sound like looney-talk, but I believe his best films are still ahead of him. A lot of the greats peak in their 50s and he does not appear to be slowing down in my mind. Creatively that is. His coke phase certainly slowed down a generation ago, and his mellowing out has met my wavelength…

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  • Affliction



    Rediscovering this film in the year 2020 feels like a sign from God. This is some film. I could go on about Schrader having twelve more masterpieces lying in wait and how the system you have to go through to make them is a meat grinder, an unforgiving dream crusher. Or how "snow crime" movies in the wake of Fargo saw a sonic boom of creativity in the late-90s. Or how this film breathes winter-cold neo-noir air but underneath is…

  • The Secret of My Success

    The Secret of My Success


    Working Boy

    This film is running around acting like it's discovered the big city rat race of high rise corporate America and it's going to reveal to you this novel lifestyle no one's ever seen portrayed before. Every scene is, "Can you believe small town Michael J. is in the big time? Look at how glamorous it is."

    But I'll tell you something. I've always had a soft spot for high rise offices in movies, particularly high rise office windows…

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  • Die Hard

    Die Hard


    A simple fact: action movies have been neutered, half-baked, half-written and served cold for children with Attention Deficit Disorder. Die Hard has aged into a lost art. It has a wholly original, unpredictable screenplay, crisp with sharp dialogue matched with badass line delivery through the mouths of believable human characters (This sentence alone cannot be attributed to a single modern action film). There is a tight plot that gradually escalates, accumulating ZERO gaps in logic equaling to not a single…

  • True Grit

    True Grit


    "Time just gets away from us."

    Only the Coens. The most authentic western in modern memory, only the Coens could accomplish what they do here and they warrant rewatchability to spare. For one, the Coens are masters of language. Always have been, always will be. The way they go about capturing the Old West linguistics and dialects and transplant them into unique and unusual accents of characters is an absolute treat to experience and in the process, transplants the viewer…