Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Close Encounters of the Third Kind ★★★★★

Had the chance to watch the majority of this with my dad, who kept on throwing out anecdotes about how he saw this at least five times on the big screen back in '77 at the one and only Hartford multiplex he worked at at the time. Easy to forget how rare multiplexes were back then and how everyone had to flock to one place and experience a flick together in one big room. My dad distinctly remembers working there when The Exorcist had audiences fleeing the theaters in horror, when The Towering Inferno had its premiere there (but no big deal stars in attendance) and how you couldn't hear the final exchange between Rocky and Apollo Creed at the end of Rocky because the audience was on their feet with cheers, drowning out the sound. He spoke with such clear nostalgia for that time in movies that it made me appreciate the era even more than I already do. As for Close Encounters, let me just say that if I could be one person in the 70s, it'd be Bob Balaban circa this movie. Legendary actor, legendary beard.

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