Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Close Encounters of the Third Kind ★★★★★

Any film that opens with François Truffaut and Bob Balaban teaming up to investigate alien activity has the immediate green light in my eyes. That the rest of the film is a true stunner to this day, is remarkable. The film that told the world, "This Spielbergo ain't no fluke." Jaws was the "phenom" but Close Encounters set the stage for every 80s film to follow. Catch me on a good day and it's my favorite photography of the 1970s. I find it mildly sickening that Vilmos Zsigmond, the man who shot McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Scarecrow, The Deer Hunter, Deliverance and Blow Out, also ended up shooting a Kevin Smith film. Dude didn't deserve Vilmos.

I also need to put emphasis on the quiet brevity of the opening credits. Title card. Then "Dreyfuss". "Truffaut". "Zsigmond". And then "Written and Directed by Steven Spielberg". That's it. Only four names you need and then we're ready for the movie.

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