Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko ★★★

I hadn't seen this in ten years. I have fond memories of watching it and that's really all I remembered, just a fond memory of a cool cult flick. So to say I could point out all the differences between the theatrical cut and the director's cut would be incorrect but I can say that watching the director's cut reminds you how thin of a tightrope a film like this is walking with regards to dropping breadcrumbs to a larger mystery. Sometimes you don't even want the breadcrumbs, David Lynch, but sometimes a mystery has a logical payoff and deliberate breadcrumbs are crucial to unraveling that mystery. There is deliberate breadcrumb dropping going on with the director's cut but it ultimately doesn't pay off a larger mystery and instead bogs the film down in needless complication and the twenty extra long minutes of footage damage the flow and pace and had me second guessing my memories like. I still admire a lot of the film and there are scenes that sing off the screen but the director's cut shits the bed.

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