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This review may contain spoilers.

Seeing this originally in theaters with my brother is still a memory I can easily recall. We were the only two people present before the trailers started but as soon as the lights dimmed, two huge burly black men walked in and sat directly in front of us, a buffer seat dividing them. I remember rolling my eyes with derision at needing to drop my feet from resting on the seat in front of me. The nerve of these guys, in a totally empty theater, to handicap my relaxation. But then the four of us sat like stone statues as the film washed over us. My brother, myself, and these two silent giants. I remember the dazed and confused fog that clung to us as we stumbled outside to the parking lot. We didn't speak. We were still processing that final scene and the open-ended fate of Daniel. It was too much to digest; your brain working overtime to play out the consequences for this character. "I can't believe he killed him," my brother finally muttered. The image of Eli's body, gushing blood like a burst oil well, lying limp in such a bizarre and comical setting as a bowling alley... it haunted us for the entire ride home. I've never quite had this feeling of stunned surrender walking out of a movie before or since.

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