Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★½


Okay I take it back this is the best of the "Before" trilogy. This time around Jesse and Celine are still together but not yet married with kids and on a Greek holiday. The topics of the conversations are even more philosophical and pose challenging questions.

Richard Linklater might be the king of stream of consciousness chill filmmaking but here he really kicks it up a notch and he genuinely took my emotions on a roller coaster.

Having been through the crushing breakdown of a relationship it can take so much work to rebuild and it can take effort and commitment from both sides. True love isn't a fairy tale it's real, it's raw, it's about accepting each other's flaws and mistakes and lifting them up no matter what.

It's not giving up so easily. Not going after the next person to come into your life the second things get hard. This is why Jesse and Celine will make it overall even if the ending makes it vague.

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