Captain Marvel ★★


This was a huge disappointment. Might give Thor: The Dark World a run for it's money as the MCU's worst film. Feels very much Phase One, which makes sense since I think it's the second movie chronologically. I'm a fan of Marvel for the most part and was excited to see how such a mysterious character in the universe was going to be unveiled, unfortunately the story, direction, action and even performances are about as bland as they could be.

Outside of one (maybe two) memorable sequences this film does not live up to the hype behind it in any way and is a huge notch down from the quality we've come to expect from the brand. I feel like between this and Ant-Man and the Wasp they must really be saving all of the effort and energy up for Endgame. Either way not really impressed, feels cashed in. The de-aging effects were extremely well done though.