Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★½


Had a good time with this one, but after the madness that was Endgame this kind of felt a bit inconsequential. Which isn't a big deal considering this seems to be a bookend for the Infinity Saga. I'm sure elements introduced here will play a much bigger role in the future but I was kind of expecting a bigger set-up or segue into Phase 4 to be honest.

Some of the visuals especially involving the illusion scenes were amazingly done. I'd love to see some more mental mindfuckery in the MCU. The European Vacation aspect was fun but I don't know what kind of international field trip would continue forward with the kids being put under that much destruction and danger every stop along the way. Jake Gyllenhall gives his weirdest and almost goofiest performance since Okja. I kind of dug it though. Overall this was enjoyable and of course worthy of any dedicated fan of the MCU's time.


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