Suspiria ★★★★★


I found out Luca Guadagnino was going to remake Suspiria the same day I saw Call Me By Your Name. My first thought was how in the world is he going to go from that to remaking the most famous Italian horror of all time? However after the trailer it became clear he was going to take his senses palette and apply it to horror to make you smell taste and feel the evil. For the most part that's exactly what he did here, however this is definitely not what I was expecting. In terms of actual enjoyment this film is more like a 4 star, however with all the impressive technical stuff I bumped it up a half. I hate to say I did not enjoy this as much as I though I would. I blame that primarily on the length.

At over 2-and-a-half hours this felt closer to 4. The 6 act and epilogue structure helped to pace it evenly but this film still tried my patience quite a bit and that's coming from absolutely loving Guadagnino's other work. If there was a 100-120 minute cut dropping some of the unnecessary stuff with Dr. Josef Klemperer then this could have been a slow-horror masterpiece but so much of the film seems like this weird drama about a skeptic psychologist. I mean I understand why the subplot is there but damn if it doesn't take up nearly half of the bloody film. I think Tilda Swinton just really wants to win an Oscar for her multiple roles (3 or 4) I guess.

On to more positive stuff (I actually did quite enjoy this film) The direction and cinematography is simply outstanding. Some of the best camera work in any horror film ever. A lot of people are complaining about the score not matching Goblin's work but come on Thom Yorke nailed it out of the park. Dakota Johnson actually stole the show from one of the best actresses on the planet. Her best performance by far. I love how far they decided to stray from the original narrative. If you want to remake or reboot something you should make it your own and experiment. Genuinely was not expecting where this went in the last hour at all.

The dream sequences were a stand out and some of the more nightmarish imagery since the Ring videotape. Loved how they informed on what was really going on without giving too much away. The look and feel of this film is extreme. Also the end of the 6th act I mean holy shit I was scared to walk out of the theater and face the other audience members just knowing we had all witnessed that.

I highly recommend it but temper your expectations. This is a slow slow slow slow burn but definitely one of the more memorable theater going experiences this year.

Edit: One of the best of the year I just needed time to sit with it.

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