Us ★★★★


An incredible follow-up to Get Out. I actually think Us tops his debut and showcases his directing talent and visionary storytelling at full force. This ones definitely best to go into completely blind and I'm glad I purposely avoided reading reviews on here until I saw it myself. I'm kind of a conspiracy buff so when the film opened up with a message about the thousands of miles of underground tunnels in the U.S. I knew I was in for something special.

Us has the perfect blend of horror and comedy, oftentimes making you laugh and squirm in the same scene. The performances were really excellent and demanding, with everyone in the family absolutely crushing it. Even Elizabeth Moss and Tim Heideker were next level here and the scenes at their house are some of the best in a film in recent memory.

I would have ranked this higher but unfortunately all of my gripes with the film comes in the final 20 minutes. I could have done without the MASSIVE exposition dump, which makes an already insane story seem even more ridiculous. A little ambiguity goes a long way and they should have left it up to the viewers to solve it's mysteries. It's like Peele wasn't entirely confident that people would get it so he crammed the entire lore and mythology of his film into one conversation and it just totally deflated the finale for me. However I definitely recommend seeing this one in theaters with a good audience because it's a great time and it's been awhile since a horror film has been this original and out there.


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