Vox Lux

Vox Lux ★★★★½


I'm embarrassed to live in a world where A Star Is Born sweeps the academy and society off it's feet when a film like Vox Lux exists. I feel really bad missing this one in theaters because this knocked my socks off. I was honestly kind of blown away by this film. A biting commentary on how the industry uses an artist chews them up and spits them out. Whereas Lady Gaga's performance seems to glorify that lifestyle Natalie Portman's portrayal vehemently shows the poisonous and self-centered egotistical reality of superstardom.

Not only reflecting on the empty void of fame and fortune but also touching on the lifelong effects of trauma and abuse. I feel terrible for just now getting around to watching it. This film demands your attention and is one of the most timely artistic statements in cinema of 2018. My only criticism is the abrupt ending that makes the stakes seem completely inconsequential. Definitely not the finale I was expecting at all especially after all the foreshadowing of something foreboding and horrific happening. Still this was an absolute surprise and I highly suggest you check this out if it flew under your radar. The first half is a straight masterpiece. Among the best of last year for sure.