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  • James and the Giant Peach

    James and the Giant Peach


    Peach brandy saw me through this thing. Never thought I’d be this disappointed by a Roald Dahl adaptation, yet here we are. An attempt at a Gulliver’s Travels-style absurd odyssey that sadly fails to transcend the kids movie label. David Thewlis as an earthworm...I just kept wishing Mike Leigh directed this. Not even Patsy Stone could save it smh.

  • Chimes at Midnight

    Chimes at Midnight


    Earthy, disorienting, and elegiac, Chimes at Midnight finds Welles at his most personal and visually arresting. It possesses the inky literary classicism of David Lean's Dickens films and the unperfumed low-angle closeups which laid bare the aesthetic nicked by Hard to Be a God and other imitators. The visuals, rather than being a striking yet monotonous slog like the latter film, function dialogically, capturing the essence of the two father figures through the space they inhabit. The lighting of the…

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  • Exorcist II: The Heretic

    Exorcist II: The Heretic


    Having just seen Zardoz for the first time and desperate to experience more of John Boorman’s truly singular style of filmmaking, I decided it was time to finally watch Exorcist II: The Heretic. I somehow convinced myself before even watching it that Boorman’s 1977 sequel was a misunderstood masterpiece, probably because I was still coming down from the heady high of Zardoz. Having now watched it, I can decidedly say that, yes, the film is misunderstood, and no, it is…

  • Detour



    One hundred years after the Gold Rush, a lovestruck New York pianist lights out for the west, the City of Angels, after his own golden-haired angel, Sue. Colonized or not, this twentieth-century American west is the same bloody El Dorado mirage it’s always been. Death and transformation occur as certainly as the fruits and vegetables checkpoints. By the time our hitchhiking Horowitz reaches LA he’s not who he says he is and he fits like a charm. It’s the only…