I'm Not There

I'm Not There ★★★

i love the formal construction. Haynes is famously a trained semiotician and watching him tease out connections here is a lot of fun, as is the way he uses entire segments as glue to hold the others together (specifically the Rimbaud stuff). but i know absolutely nothing about music, even less about Dylan, and if i'm being honest, i really don't care. i never found myself lost, but a lot of the flourishes in dialogue or references to his songs were either entirely missed by me or so ostentatiously apparent that i found them more annoying than anything else. that's all my problem, though, not the film's. ultimately some parts were more engaging than others. Bale's piece is just some boring biopic. Blanchett is of course lightning in a bottle. the Billy the Kid stuff is nicely aped from Peckinpah. etc.