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This review may contain spoilers.

What the... ok...huh.

For the record, I am very annoyed that they brought back Loomis like this. Let the man rest in peace. It just... it just didn't need to happen. I am not a fan of that decision at all.

I am also just confused with Anthony Michael Hall as Tommy Doyle. Also, how are these people still living in Haddonfield after all these years?! Definitely think this was a total missed opportunity here for Paul Rudd, though. And to think he missed this because of that dreadful Ghostbusters movie... sigh!

I wasn't annoyed or bothered by Laurie being "sidelined" in this one. It made sense, because we will need her swinging in the last one. But this movie did bring up an interesting idea that it was never about Laurie in the first place? I'll be thinking about that for a while.

I really hope that end sequence... wasn't real. But damn! Judy Greer is so awesome.

The scene where Kyle Richards is hiding from Michael as he crosses the bridge... BONE CHILLING. There are some great spooky moments, just very inconsistently applied.

I know a lot of y'all dig the over-the-top gore but it wasn't for me. The idea of hanging out at a Halloween open mic scares the shit out of me tbh. I am miffed as to how people can hand over entire movie franchises to David Gordon Green, but I hope Halloween Ends concludes on a high note.

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