A Ghost Story ★★★★½

My girlfriend really wanted to know about who I was before I met her. It wasn’t the easiest thing ever, admitting how weak and depressed you were at one point. I knew I could tell her, I just didn’t want to have to revisit that time in my life. Instead, I explained it through film.

 I decided to show her A Ghost Story. Really there’s no other movie that’s better for explaining the depressed forn of me. Because honestly, with hyperbole, this film cured my depression. My entire life’s philosophy up to that point had been that I needed to find success in film, that I HAD to make critically acclaimed films, that I HAD to win an oscar. But the thing is, life is meaningless. Cause whatever I do won’t matter when the sun destroys the earth. Or when the universe gets so big that there’s not enough energy to keep humans alive. Or just whenever time stops. It won’t matter.

Everyone sees that as depressing, and it’s understandable. Because in the end, we don’t matter to the grand scale of existence. But this film helped me realize that that’s actually a happy thing. Because, in our lives, we don’t owe anyone anything. We get to live according to the way we want to. And what sticks with us is love. The love we feel for others. And that was what made me feel less depressed about my future. If I’m in a boring ass car manufactoring job, I still have passion, and love. That was something I had to share with my girlfriend.

This movie just means so much to me. It’s everything I needed at that time in my life. It’s perfect therapy for me and I’m so happy David Lowery brought it into my life. Few films can change my life like A Ghost Story did.

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