The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★★

I feel like Willem Dafoe should win the oscar nomination for best supporting actor. Yes, Rockwell was fantastic, Harrelsen was amazing, and Jenkins was extremely quirky (won’t mention Plummer due to the politics around that), but all those performances share a common thread. They were all trying to get a nomination, or as some may call it, oscar bait. This isn’t a bad thing at all, because that motivation can lead someone to give the performance of a career, but personally, I enjoy the people or the films that don’t even have an academy award in mind yet end up getting attention. 

Take, for example, Get Out. It was a small horror film made by Blumhouse on a small budget, directed by a first time director, that was probbaly made for the sheer intention of making back its budget opening weekend. And now, it’s nominated for the 4 biggest categories, best picture, writing, director, and actor. These type of little surprises that come from nowhere that clearly have no thought of oscar in their mind are what I go for every single year. And that’s why I think Dafoe should win. This performance is for no one but himself. It’s kindhearted in some scenes and menacing in others, he just plays it off fantastically. Even in a scene where he could easily scream and yell (the pedophile scene) he doesn’t, he just gives an honest and realistic performance. I admire that a whole lot, and that’s why I believe he should win the gold.

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