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•This was easily my most anticipated Marvel movie of 2021, thanks to the talent involved. I loved Chloe Zhao's previous films The Rider and Nomadland, and I love most of the cast involved. But Marvel hasn't impressed me much with their films lately, and sadly this is no exception.
•This is easily Marvel's most ambitious film. Many interesting ideas and concepts were presented, but not all of them were explored as deeply as I wanted them to be.
•Most of the actors are doing a good job, but I was surprised at how just how committed Brian Tyree Henry and Barry Keoghan were.
Sersi and Ikaris are boring, and Richard Madden is the only actor who's delivering a bad performance.
•The friendship between Thena and Gilgamesh was wholesome, and both of those characters were awesome but later done dirty.
Ajak was alright; I was only invested in her because of my love for Salma Hayek.
Kumail Nanjiani was good as Kingo when it came to the comedy, but fell flat during the dramatic scenes. This was surprising to me considering how good he was both comedically and dramatically in The Big Sick.
Dane was fine, Kit Harrington was fine. Could potentially be a cool Black Knight.
Sprite was the most interesting character conceptually, further presenting the god-like Celestial as a cruel ruler who by making her always look young doomed her to live a long and lonely life. But later on I felt like she was kind of side-lined.
Makkari, Phastos, and Karun we're just straight-up AWESOME.
•The film tries but fails to present unique and interesting answers to why humanity is overall good and deserves to live over billions of over lives that could potentially be more civilized and benevolent.
•The Deviants should've been either much more compelling antagonists or more overt symbols on how misguided or power-hungry gods (aka Celestials) can be.
•The fight scenes were surprisingly well-choreographed and exciting.
•This would win the Oscar for Best Visual Effects if not for Dune.
•The score is good but not ultilized appropriately.
•I knew that one of the Eternals would betray the rest, and even though I didn't know exactly which one would it didn't surprise me when Icarus turned out to be bad.
•The ending sets up a sequel in such a contrived and lame way.
•The mid-credits scene with Harry Styles has me more intrigued than excited.
•Is that Mahershala Ali as Blade in the post-credits scene!?
•I applaud Marvel for trying to make something different and not always holding the audience's hand, but I feel like they bit off more than they could chew.

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