Fight Club

Fight Club ★★★★★

As I'm reminded by watching Fight Club, the ultimate restless white boy movie, I realize if someone else had helmed the director's chair it could have come off as a douchy, masturbatory bro-fest but of course Fincher can take a Chuck Palahnuick novel and turn it into gold. Besides the eye for style, making a similar dirty yet characteristically generic metropolis like Seven, it's the self aware and tongue and cheek world of Tyler Durden, well average joe Edward Norton Tyler until he becomes boa wearing Brad Pitt Tyler Durden. This is one of the best films in both actor's filmographies, as someone not often charmed by Pitt, his pretty boy persona is perfect here. Palahnuick has a knack for dialogue and Norton's knowingly clever narration paired with fast paced editing is what makes this jaunty film so exciting and lovable even when it's about dudes punching each other and becoming "anarchists". Fight Club earns its place on Top 10 lists even if its by the bro-y, lemmings guys who would pray at the alter of Tyler. Hard to criticize them because this movie is so goddamn good.

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