Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★

An adorable satire from Waititi, an instance where his comic timing is impeccable. He doesn't overuse silly Hitler though I do think he underuses the dimwitted Hilter Youth Camp populated with a nosey Rebel Wilson, a drunk Sam Rockwell and whatever Alfie Allen has going for him. The sappy elements of Jojo are more standard fare that I didn't mind sitting through to get to WWII Moonrise Kingdom. I'm always impressed by good child performances and Roman Griffin Davis plus his BFF Archie Yates bring the Pegg and Frost energy that we've been missing for years. A period piece comedy is hard to pull off, nailing the language, mise-en-scene of an era but with modern comedic sentiments yet in the hands of a passionate director like Waititi, you get gold.

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