Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza ★★★★½

So much vibe!

Alana completely nails the awkward and frustrating time post high school, pre 30’s when you can’t figure out what you want and where you fit in adult society. Licorice Pizza is a beautiful hangout movie about an unusual relationship between a 15 year old hustler who has had a jump start of growing up and a 25 year old who never discovered the motivation to do so. The film is a series of invigorating scenes with so many extremes, my favorite being a delivery truck running on empty down the Hollywood hills. Every argument or coy glance gets me all in my feelings. Every long take gives you time to consume the rich 70’s milieu and the deep cut soundtrack puts you on a cloud. As the title evokes , the intertwining of the characters is a weird mash up and yet against nature, totally works.

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