Midsommar ★★★★

There is definitely an Ari Aster style that has now been established, with his follow up to Hereditary there's a preciseness to the types of stories he wants to tell and the bend on horror conventions used to tell it. Midsommar is less trop laden but in turn, is less of a horror movie than its predecessor. While you feel the air of unease throughout, Aster doesn't need to shove cliche scares into this, he has the freedom to make his practically real-time immersion in a community that embraces some unusual rituals. By the end, I'm oddly still drawn to Hereditary due to its in-your-face visceral nature and earth-shaking performances. Florence Pugh is doing fantastic work here and the first act is really excellent but it's still a long blank check movie. There's rich subtext and influential design that could be appreciated more on a rewatch but it will forever be hard to match a beheading, though it tries it's best.

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