Suspiria ★★★½

Hot take: as good as Suspiria

I want to love this movie (similar to how I want to love the original) but there's always something holding me back. I love the incorporation of dance as an element of suspense, the edition of cultural context i.e. the Cold War backdrop and I appreciate the bluntness that this is a movie all about witches and they're at the forefront. It loses me with the old man subplot. Just like how the sleuthing in the original is a bore, I'm not invested in this character who by the end we're supposed to view as the main character or at least the audience surrogate. I rather the audience surrogate be any of the other girls in the company. But I often judge horror movies on whether or not they stick the landing and the climax is epic. Exactly the pay off I'd want from a body horror based coven.

Need to see it again since our theater's projection sucked and maybe that second viewing can also win me over...

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