Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman

Lmao what an insipid, dogshit, barely-competent, outright dangerous movie.

In a way, this is the film the post-MeToo era deserves, in that it typifies the way white-feminist cishet women are perpetually at the ready to throw anyone and everyone, including other assault victims of the like, under the bus for the sake of advancing their own self-righteous victim complexes. It valorizes a binaristic, punitive model of violence and retributive justice—as in, constantly gives its lead angelic/worshipful framing for perpetuating this?!? It’s right there in the visual language, folks!

It is entirely unsurprising, but just as infuriating, to see it get the reception it has precisely because of all this. It played an evil trick and completely got away with it. Just a series of hackneyed, reductionist #girlboss mic drops that pander to a certain demographic with such deadly precision that it manages to completely avoid any reckoning with its own complicity in the very same structures it seeks to (naively) critique.

Fuck spoilers, I’m sorry but ending your movie by accessorizing a Black trans woman to drive home your “the cops will help us, actually” messaging in the year 20-goddamn-20 is grounds to be sent to permanent movie jail. What in the actual fuck!

If you are part of this movie’s target audience, I implore you to try and look past the way it’s superficially exploiting your trauma responses to get you on board, and see its worldview for as cynical and destructive as it really is. This shit is Half the Damn Problem for the rest of us!

Also it’s ugly as sin. The visual equivalent of one of those pastel “Femme and Fierce” clutches they sell in the Barnes & Noble checkout line.

Fuck this. 🖕

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