tick, tick...BOOM!

tick, tick...BOOM! ★★★

As an aspiring musician, I appreciated this film in regards to how it portrayed its message of an ambitious artists life. Outside of that? It’s fine. 

Tick Tick Boom is first and foremost a stereotypical “theater kids” film. Interpret that as you will, but it embodies the vibe of every theater kid I’ve ever met. Personally, I found that tone to be a bit… obnoxious. I don’t mean that to be mean to theater kids (respect for anyone pursuing what they like, especially in an artistic medium), but the movie has this oddly forced attempt at being easy going while also trying so hard to be quirky and indie. It’s hard to put into words what felt wrong, but a lot of the movie feels off. Very inauthentic and staged. This leads the the dramatic moments feeling underwhelming. As if the movie thinks it has more weight to it than it actual does. That being said, it’s not without it’s wins. Some scenes do work thanks to the phenomenal performance by Andrew Garfield. He’s an actor that continues to amaze me with his ability to wholly transform himself for a role. Now just superficially, but his entire being feels different. It takes a lot of talent to do such a thing and he’s without a doubt the biggest takeaway here. 

In regards to how it works as a musical, I think it’s fine. Some of the songs were fun, others were a bit much. I had some issues with how it transitioned into some of its musical numbers. I generally feel that when it comes to musicals, it’s really important that they make sure to earn and build up to those said numbers. When people break out into song it needs to feel like it’s the only possible outcome because talking alone cannot convey how they feel. There’s a few songs in here that are sprung on you with little warning. That’s the type of musical that I think turns a lot of people how to the style of storytelling. It goes back to that fabricated feeling I mentioned earlier. But like I said, some of the songs are really fun. 

Overall, I did enjoy Tick Tick Boom despite my complaints. I struggled to get into it but once I did, I enjoyed myself a good amount.

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