Halloween ★★★★½

the score, the kills, the action, the characters, the atmosphere and the effects all come together here to create such an incredible halloween story i literally cant explain the feeling i get while watching this movie
i usually only dedicate one day a year to watch this film, that being late halloween night but i gave this viewing a little cheat as im seeing halloween kills later tonight and i couldnt be more excited. something that i just cant seem to wrap my head around is how perfectly this film encapsulates the feeling of halloween night. every time i recommend this film to someone that hasnt seen it yet, i always try to describe the scene of him walking through the neighborhood with the trick or treaters running around the laughing, the halloween lights flashing every which way, the kids singing halloween jingles, and that iconic theme playing in the background; and just how perfectly it captures that feeling of running around on halloween night AND the tension you feel while watching a horror film. the atmosphere of halloween night? yeah thats exactly what this movie is.
in just a short few hours i will be seeing halloween kills, and my excitement is through the roof. have i heard mixed things? yes. do i think it’ll be anywhere near as good as this film? of course not. but see thats the beauty of this, we’re getting new modern michael myers stories, and im so thankful. im thankful that im getting to experience these stories and films like my dad did back when he was my age. i mean hell, a scream trailer, a new chucky tv show, AND a new halloween film all in the same week? you honestly have no idea how grateful i truly am right now, and im so proud to be a fan.

evil dies tonight.

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